A whole world for your Volkswagen

Increased comfort and safety: Discover the world of Volkswagen Service, Parts and Accessories and experience the freedom of carefree mobility - with a range of services and Genuine Parts; or with reprocessed exchange parts and inexpensive Economy Parts, specially for Volkswagen vehicles that are four years old or more.

When you hand over your Volkswagen to us, you can be safe in the knowledge that we know every single component, every screw and every special feature of your model. After all, we're the ones who built it. We transfer all the knowledge we've acquired over the last 80 years to every Volkswagen Partner and all of our employees - all over the world. This is done via intensive training sessions and courses.


What really matters is the effectiveness of the tool and the depth of knowledge: Only those who can really assess what's working well or not so well in your Volkswagen have the capacity to conduct optimal maintenance and repair works. That's why all Volkswagen Partners have diagnosis systems which analyse the vehicle electronics, right down to the very last function - and of course, in accordance with the very latest state of the art technology that's installed in your Volkswagen itself.


We develop the right tool for every component so we can conduct optimal repair and maintenance works on your Volkswagen. Only when component and tool work together in perfect coordination will every torque and every angle be exactly right. Everything is precisely where it should be. And you'll be able to enjoy your Volkswagen for even longer - a target which we don't want to miss by a single millimetre.

No matter how much care you take – sometimes, the parking space is a little bit too small after all, or the dog is quicker onto the new seat than planned. No problem: Choose our repair services and any blemishes will soon no longer be visible.

Your Volkswagen gives everything for you every minute. Give us a few minutes to check and maintain it. So that you can rely on your Volkswagen completely at the crucial moment.

Appointments diary full? We will see to it that your Volkswagen is nevertheless serviced and you remain mobile – with our services relating to all aspects of your convenience.

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