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New Jetta

Redesigned. Not overdesigned.

Equipment & Design



  • With App-Connect you can manage, through the screen of the central console, the main functions of your smartphone. You can make and answer calls, answer WhatsApp messages by voice and listen to music even while driving safely and comfortably. App-Connect consists of three innovative technologies that allow to transfer the contents of the smartphone to the touch screen: Mirrorlink, Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

    8" touch screen with App-Connect

  • Manage the sound system without taking your hand off the steering wheel. The leather cover reflects elegance in every detail. A rudder that you do not want to let go.

    Multifunction steering wheel*

  • Make and answer calls or change stations while driving with total safety and comfort.

    Voice control


  • The Volkswagen TSI engines are unique in the market and pioneers in innovation and technology, as they have direct injection and a turbocharger, which provide greater torque/power efficiency and a performance that stands out from the rest. The direct injection - calculated at low revolutions, at partial load and at high revolutions - sprays the fuel directly in the combustion chamber at a high pressure, which allows to obtain a homogenous and stratified mixture according to the requirements of the engine.

    TSI engine

  • Dynamic Drive Control allows you to choose different configurations that will change both the performance of your vehicle and the driving experience, all at the touch of a button. You can quickly and easily select one of the four driving modes with the screen and switch between individual, normal, sporty and ECO style; the latter allows the vehicle to electronically adjust some features such as the speed range of the engine, air conditioning, changes in speeds, among others, to achieve optimal fuel consumption.

    Dynamic Drive Control

  • The cruise control is an electronic system that allows to set a driving speed without holding down the accelerator. Maximum comfort when driving on long routes.

    Cruise Control

  • The Tiptronic gearbox of Volkswagen provides the convenience of an automatic gearbox and the possibility of manual driving, since through the Tiptronic function, the driver can make the changes manually, according to his driving style.

    Tiptronic Automatic Gearbox

  • Interior ambient lighting available in 10 colors.

    Multicolor Ambiental Light


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