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Equipment & Design.

  • Find the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and aesthetics on board. Through its side and front lines, bifocals halogen headlights and chrome accents, the New Virtus stands out for its sophisticated and renovated design.


  • Maximum comfort and refined finish. The Virtus offers more interior space and more comfort to all occupants.


  • Large trunk of 521 liters of volume. In addition, it has a variable load floor that allows a better organization of the space.

    Large trunk

  • With the Climatronic air conditioning it is possible to regulate the temperature for the driver. It can also be adjusted from the second row of seats by the electronic control unit.

    Climatronic air conditioning

  • Central locking keyless access with "keyless access" button for engine start/stop.

    Keyless Access




  • 5 security stars for adults and children.

    Latin Ncap.

  • The electronic stability control system (ESC) prevents your vehicle from skidding or slipping, as it implements effective measures so that it does not get off the track.

    Electronic stability control (ESC)

  • The safety for the small ones of the family is guaranteed with the fixation of ISOFIX fixings for children seats, which has 3 anchorage points.

    Isofix anchors.

  • System that when detecting a collision, activates an emergency automatic braking, reducing speed up to 10 km/hour, and thus avoiding possible collisions after a first impact.

    Post-Collision automatic braking.

  • The MQB platform allows greater body dimensions, as well as reducing weight but at the same time with greater rigidity thanks to the rigid high-limit steel used in its construction. It also allows a more elegant and dynamic design.

    MQB platform.

  • Virtus is equipped with Engine immobilizer and original alarm "Cab monitoring" as standard.

    Engine immobilizer and Volumetric alarm.

  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) includes the additional safety software EBD. Together they prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle during braking in emergency situations, achieving a much more precise and accurate braking on all wheels.

    ABS/EBD brakes


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