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New Polo.

Equipment & Design.

  • Through its lateral and front lines, and bifocals halogen headlights, the new Polo stands out for its sophisticated and renovated design.

    Sophisticated and renovated design.

  • With Climatronic air conditioning you can adjust the air intensity automatically according to the programmed temperature.

    For driver.

  • Find the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and aesthetics on board.

    Seats upholstered in leatherette leather.

  • Exterior mirrors electrically adjustable with "Tilt down" function. It's enough to put reverse gear so that the right mirror pulls down to visualize the path, berm, etc.

    Exterior mirrors with "Tilt down" function.

  • Front and rear parking sensors.

    Parking sensors.

  • The Volkswagen's feature "Coming & Leaving Home" is of great help, as it offers lighting in low light environments. Each time you leave your vehicle, the lights remain on for a short period and then turn off automatically. This allows you to see the path to your door when it is dark outside (Coming home). Similarly, when you are on your way to your vehicle, the lights turn on when you use the keys to open the doors (Leaving home).

    It offers lighting in low light environments.

  • Find the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and aesthetics on board.

    Comfort and aesthetics.

  • It is Volkswagen's automatic locking and starting system. It offers the driver maximum comfort by being able to electronically start the vehicle with just one button. In addition, it has a sensor that detects the proximity of the driver to the car and automatically unlocks the doors for entry.

    Automatic locking and starting system.



  • Equipped with a robust MSI 1.6-liter engine and 110 hp, the New Polo is the perfect combination of power and performance.

    Power and performance.

  • Tiptronic provides the convenience of an automatic gearbox and the driving pleasure of a manual gearbox, since through the Tiptronic function, the driver can make the changes manually, according to his driving style.


  • The cruise control is an electronic system that allows to set a driving speed without holding down the accelerator. Maximum comfort when driving on long routes.

    Maximum comfort.


  • The New Polo has 5 security stars for adults and children in the crast test 2018 of Latin NCAP.

    Latin Ncap.

  • Many of the accidents involving personal injuries correspond to multiple collisions. To avoid them, Volkswagen developed this innovative system that acts by activating the braking automatically after a collision, in case the driver can not do it manually, and gradually reduces the speed up to 10 Km/h. In this way, it is possible to recover control of the vehicle and the trajectory.

    Maximum security.

  • Double front airbag and front side airbag with head and thorax protection. Available in all versions.

    Available in all versions.

  • The electronic stability control (ESC) prevents the vehicle from skidding or slipping, since it implements effective measures so that it does not get out of the way.

    Greater security and control.

  • System that allows you to secure the child seat in the car with greater security, additionally has an upper fixing called Top Tether, which acts as an anchor to hold the child seats to the vehicle chassis.

    Security system for children.

  • The anti-lock braking system (ABS) includes the additional safety software EBD. Together they prevent the driver from losing control of the vehicle during braking in emergency situations, achieving a much more precise and accurate braking on all wheels.


  • The MQB platform allows greater body dimensions, as well as reducing weight but at the same time with greater rigidity thanks to the rigid high-limit steel used in its construction. It also allows a more elegant and dynamic design.

    Maximum security.

  • The New Polo is equipped with engine immobilizer and original alarm "Cab monitoring" as standard.

    Available in all versions.

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